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RSCC Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations below are replicated from those that were recorded at the Snohomish County Courthouse on April 20, 1981. A copy of the original is available as a PDF file by clicking here PDF File. The Copy in PDF is considered to be the official document.


  1. ATV and off-road motorcycle ban PDF File
  2. Parking Permits PDF File

Rainbow Springs Community Club Regulations and Restrictions

  1. The use and occupancy of each lot shall be subject to the provision of the Articles of Incorporation and the By Laws of the Rainbow Springs Community Club, Inc. a Non-profit, non-stock Washington Corporation.
  2. Before construction of any structure is commences, all plans must be approved by the Architectural Committee or Board of Trustees or Rainbow Springs Community Club, Inc. All construction shall be in conformity with the approved plans.
  3. All construction must be new construction. No mobile home may be used as a permanent residence. Used buildings, mobile homes and trailer may be moved onto any lot for a temporary period not to exceed 3 months.
  4. Any building or structure upon any tract of this subdivision shall have a completed exterior within 3 months from commencement of construction unless written consent for extension is granted by Rainbow Springs Community Club.
  5. Persons building within the boundaries of Rainbow Springs must present to the board evidence of obtaining a building permit and approval by the Health District of Snohomish County.
  6. All clearances and/or permits will have to be in compliance with the Health Department, Building and Plumbing Code Department, and the Public Utility District of Snohomish County.
  7. Any lot owner diverting water from its course must provide a substitute course through his property.
  8. Speed limit 15 MPH.
  9. Private road usage for lot owners, guests, mail, delivery and garbage services.
  10. Guests must be accompanied by or with permission of a lot owner (and/or responsible member of the family) or resident while using beaches and facilities.
  11. Keep the community restrooms clean.
  12. Remove your garbage when leaving area.
  13. All fire must be put out when leaving the beach areas or your lot and must adhere to County regulations for size.
  14. Respect other lot owners rights - No loud noise after 10:00 pm.
  15. The operation of any motorized boat on Rainbow Lake is prohibited. This includes electric and gasoline outboard and any type of inboard motors.
  16. Each lot owner shall keep the 60 foot road right-of-way in front of their lot or lots clear of brush and trees.
  17. No vehicles exceeding 10,000G GVW will be allowed on the roads without permission of the Rainbow Springs Community Club, Inc.
  18. No motorcycles allowed without original factory muffler system.
  19. No motorbikes or cars on dike of lake or river community area.
  20. No blocking traffic on roadway.
  21. No dogs on beach areas. Dogs will be on leash or under owner control at all times.
  22. No livestock allowed within the community area including horses and poultry.
  23. No target practice or hunting with firearms or bow and arrow of any type.
  24. No overnight camping on the river beach or community areas except in designated areas.
  25. No signs shall be posted on any lot without written approval of Rainbow Springs Community Club, Inc.
  26. Any breach of any of the foregoing conditions shall constitute a cause of action against the persons committing the breach by Rainbow Springs Community Club, Inc.
  27. ATV's and off-road motorcycles are not permitted to be driven upon the roads or upon the common areas of the community. Exception: When vehicles are used in support of community emergencies, events and or community improvement projects and as approved by the Board of Directors. (Amended 6/27/2007)
  28. Parking permits are required to be displayed on all vehicles parked at the Lake or River Park, and or on any common area or easement of this community. Vehicles not displaying authorized parking permits will be subject to being towed at the owners expense. (Ammended 12/19/2007)

In witness thereof the foregoing is approved by the Board to Trustees of Rainbow Springs Community Club,

Dated: March 21, 1981

Notarized: 21st day of March 1981

Recorded: April 20, 1981 Auditor Snohomish County, WA


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