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The Rainbow Springs Community Club is a gated private residential community located approximately 3 miles North of Granite Falls, Washington, off of the Jordan Road.

Our community consist of 223 lots, many with homes; a lake park, a river park and two large common lots for future expansion and growth for community amenities.

Nestled in our community is a small private lake that is fed by nearby springs and the water run-off from the Cascade Mountains and its nearby foot hills.

Our community is divided into two divisions: Division 1, which is located mainly along the Stillaguamish River and Division 2, which surrounds the lake and adjoining roads.

Our community is managed by an elected Board of Directors who are guided by our by-laws and the rules and regulations of our community.

This web site is intended to serve mainly our community members and its Board of Directors, but also serves as an information portal for those wishing to move into our community. Please use the navigation area to the left of the page to navigate our site, or the area just below for our Rules and Regulations, By-Laws or to provide us feedback.

The "Board of Directors Area" link below is restricted to the 9 members who constitute our Board/Trustees.

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